Wednesday, 21 September 2016



We were up early this morning, went for breakfast, and left the ship by 8:20. It only took us about fifteen minutes to pick up our luggage and wend our way through US customs. The place was a zoo as another large ship had docked and was disembarking at the same time. But procedures were organized and we found ourselves outside the terminal in no time. Here the picture changed into one of disorganized chaos. We were told that we had to cross the street, we couldn't stand there. We ran into Jim as we were being herded across the street. Since we had no idea of where our driver would be, Jim located his cell phone and I called the company. They were not open on Saturday. Norma guarded the luggage as I walked back and forth for three blocks at a time searching for a car with my name in the window. Our pickup time of 9:30 passed, then 9:45, then 10:00. Our faces must have reflected our panic as we walked up and down on the street searching. Luckily, another company's Limo driver noticed us and used his cellphones to reach the dispatch centre. He found that our driver was waiting for us across the street. He had the dispatch centre put him in touch with our driver so that he knew exactly where we were waiting. It took until 10:30 for him to get across the street to pick us up - a combination of construction and heavy traffic held him up.
I asked if we had time to visit the World Trade Center Memorial and be at the airport before noon. We did. We arranged a pickup place and he dropped us off for a 20-minute visit. It was well worth it - very moving - in fact it was difficult to hold back tears and I must admit, we both succumbed. I should mention that our rescuer was named Mohammed.
We were at the airport just before noon, actually approached the correct counter, no lineup. Our baggage tags and boarding passes were printed, our luggage was weighed and mine was 4 pounds overweight. I was told to open the large one and remove 4 pounds and put it in my carry-on. I removed 3.5 pounds of the paper information I had collected and was forgiven the extra half pound. Security was a breeze - didn't have to remove the iPad or take off my shoes and watch. Again, there was no lineup. Here we are sitting in the lounge with our parkas at 12:15 looking like crazy Americans who think Canada is a land of ice and snow all year round.

We are both home! Had a very smooth flight, called Akira after we got through customs, went outside to wait and there he was. He and Blue drove me home while Norma took her car from their place. Thank you so much for the taxi service. Norma just called to say she arrived safely. Lots to do in the next while - loads of laundry, mail to sort, groceries to get. Where is that "clean-up button?
P.S. I am three days behind in sending the latest photos as my iPad is almost out of memory. If you want to see them, check in again in about a week.

View from our Balcony at Night

Another View from our Balcony

On the Riverwalk, NYC

This divided walkway for bikes and pedestrians ran all along the Hudson River.  If you look closely, you can see Norma and I reflected in the sculpture.

Another Example of Unusual Architecture

View from the Highline, NYC

Promises, Promises

The closest we came was a realistic sculpture of a man in tighty-whities.