Tuesday, 30 August 2016



Last night we were joined by Jim, Phil, and Hugh before dinner in the Saloon. We have a new woman, Kathy, (87 years young) at our table. She asked to be moved as didn't like her tablemates at the previous one. One of the lecturers joined us as well. Norma was greeted with a big hug from our waiter and told to expect a birthday cake for dessert which we all enjoyed.
This morning after breakfast, I went out to join the naturalist and Shirley to look for birds from 9 to 10 a.m. Snow buntings and American pipits were following the ship in small flocks. One tired pipit landed on the deck and even allowed one woman close enough to take pictures. At 10, I went to a lecture about Inuit printmaking. Those of you who have been in my apartment know of my love of Inuit art and of my collection of prints. One of the prints I own has even been used in art class on board.
After the lecture, I joined Norma on deck for our hour walk. Today was the best day yet - very little wind and sunny skies. What made it even easier was that on the sunny side of the deck, the wind was blowing into our face and on the shady side, at our backs. A most wonderful thing happened as I was walking on the sunny side by myself - I noticed a small bird coming toward me. I stood absolutely still as it hovered a few inches from me - I thought it was going to land on my hand, but suddenly veered off. It was an American pipit. It made my day!
After lunch, we both headed to a lecture on Birds of the NW Passage, given by Nigel. He mentioned that he will be on all the hikes until Nuuk in Greenland. Good thing Norma and I only booked hikes on this portion of the trip. After the lecture, I told him and Shirley about my pipit experience. Nigel was most jealous as he hasn't seen the North American race. I told him I would find him a pipit if he would get me a good view of the Hoary Redpoll. It's a deal.
From the lecture, it was off to Art Class where we painted in watercolours. Today's theme was Alaskan wildflowers. You'll have to ask us politely if you want to see our efforts.
Tonight we are planning the usual meeting in the Saloon followed by dinner and bed. We dock in Cambridge Bay tomorrow morning but we are on the afternoon hike so we get to sleep in!

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